Last night...

Me: And fyi, Since I didn't walk the dogs, and wanted to be comfy.. I threw on a dress... with nothing underneath. :)

Him: :( I'm missing it...
I miss you... I miss having time...

Me: Me too. What I would give .. for a real Friday.. in bed. (we usually get 4 hours most Fridays, all spent lazing around in bed)

Him: I know.. I would too. I haven't had any peace at all, all summer, it's just been a blur... :(

Me: I know.. you've been really crazy busy. I really dislike the unpredicatability of summer. Keeping me in the loop helps. :)

Him: I'm trying...

Me: I'm not complaining, I was making a statement.

Him.. 2 Kiss emojis

Another 15 days till we get our normal back. So looking forward to school starting and our first Friday in 10 weeks.

He called this morning, just to hear my voice.

Sometimes, I just want a normal life...
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Those are the hardest times. When you look around and see everyone else going about their normal life. Yours is coming! Xoxo

It is the stress. I remember feeling it when he was waiting for me. I kept thinking...he's so going to run I to someone single and ready for a relationship. But he waited.

Lol! You wouldn't still be there if right there wasn't where you wanted to be ;)