Day 10. It's as if he dropped off the face of the Earth.
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Been 5 days for me and I feel the same.............

I'm so sorry. :(

Hugs. You are not alone, I am on day 17:(

I'm so sorry xxxx

It was a D Day for me

She found out? Oh no!

Yes. She found out. I haven't heard from him at all, only to say do not text his phone anymore.

The thing that sucks about that is he didn't even say goodbye to you. He could have at least called. It's not your fault. He was caught , and now he is digging out.

His last message said he would reach out but he has yet to do so. It sucks that I have not received closure.

He may be waiting for things to cool down with his W. You have to decide what you're going to so when you hear from him. That will be the hardest part.

Yes, I have been thinking about what I would say if or when I do hear from him. I am torn right now...

Just do what is best for YOU!

I will. Thank you:)

You also:)

I thought about that also. You are so right, I would be the one to get hurt again. Going through this experience right now has taken an emotional toil on me. I don't want to sign-up for this heartbreak again:(

But the other part of me wants to hear from him.

Yea, I asked simply for him to call me, NOTHING...........Just do not get it.........That was last Friday, I can and always WILL TEXT at least..............TOO much stress.........

I'm so sorry. I know how it feels, and it stinks!!

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Wow, I've been there. It's like someone died. He came back though. As friends. Years later we are sill here :/ as u know!
Depends If u really truly want him to disappear , how this pans out x

No. I want him completely though. If I can't have all if him, then it's best he stay away :(

Stay strong! I am proud of you. I may be in your shoes in the next month or two.

Thank you :). I hope everything works out for you too.

He wanted to meet up tonight after their counseling session. I said okay, if you want, because sometimes you need to be alone after those sessions (she is such a *itch and hurts him terribly during them). He said, he was feeling great, clear headed, focused. But I always know....he texted me after saying it was a very difficult session and he needed to be alone, probably through tomorrow, and that they had another "emergency" session tomorrow. Oh boy. But, I learned a long time ago, that I really don't want any details. I would rather not know. I am sure she said something extremely hurtful. They had a rough weekend. I used to get my hopes up that this would be the counseling session that one of them finally asked for a divorce...but I learned my lesson. So I just sit back and wait. We do have a deadline of sorts. If he still doesn't know what he wants, or decides he wants to stay with her, by March, then I walk away. March seems so far away.......

It's really not. I know you will make the right decision

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Ugh. Xoxo. Thoughts and prayers.

Maybe he's battling with his own demons :/ best of luck.

Thank you.