I am going insane. I heard from him yesterday said he missed me but nothing since. So I sent him a quick note today telling him that I missed kissing him. No response.... But here is where it gets insane and where I am freaking out.

Long story short. W's brother and I work for the same large co. Odds happen to be we were both at dinner one night for work. Mm and I were careless. I met him outside to kiss him. Then W gets some email that her husband was kissing someone. MM thought it was her brother. So did he see me? Does he know that his sisters h is fooling around with me?? Now I am at work and happen to be in the same office as the w's brother. I am trying to not look guilty. But what if he knows it is me? What if it was him who sent his sister the email? Mm has told me little about this other than he had to lie a lot to w to get her to calm down.

But what can I do? I am so afraid he brother knows it is me and will make it difficult for me at work. But I am even more crazy bc I am missing my mm. I want him back. It's been almost 4 weeks since the email. I am hoping it blows over and he comes back in my life. More frequently than an email every few days. What should I make of this? Am I crazy to hope for him to come back to me?
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No. You're not crazy. You cannot help how you feel.