Please let me go. Stop trying to keep me with tiny little subtle things like calling me my pet name. Because when I blatantly tell you I miss you and want you I get ignored. Why do you do this to me?? When we're together it's like the world doesn't exist and you look at me with love. Then when we're apart you contact me every second do the day and night. But never affectionately, we never discuss feelings, future plans, what we are, and the only thing I get from you is an affectionate good night MSG every day. That's it. Nothing in between.
And I'll back off...I've done it before-and you'll come running after me declaring your love. Well declare it NOW!!!!! I'm soooo damn close to the edge of us...if I back off again it's make or break. All of me or nothing. Because I'm losing my mind and the tears are overriding the smiles now. And I'm worth more than this. My children are worth more than seeing their mother reduced to a needy mess. If my daughter was in this position I would kick your godforsaken *** as teach her how to be an independent strong woman capable of achieving happiness through herself and not some man who gives half heartedly.
Just a few more steps like this evening...just a few more annoyances and ignorance of me pouring my heart out to you and I'm done. You know it too. Hence the endearing goodnight MSG tonight. Why keep me? Why bother? Just let me go because if I let myself be free from you, you won't see me for dust.
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Oh forever, keep strong! kick his *** anyway, he deserves it regardless. Why is it that when woman doesn't love somebody, she can tell him the nastiest stuff to get rid of them but when she does, she is so weak! When she is of danger of hurting the most, she prolongs the situation with nice as pie patience, if we didn't love these guys, we would just be pushing them away... And they would keep begging for leftovers... so why there's no balance? :)

Never a balance!!! And it's harsh because my husband is trying his way to keep me and I'm not even throwing him crumbs!! He's the nice one who would never ever cheat. Who wants to grow old with me and I just don't love him. I would rather lol my hopes on someone who doesn't want me that much?!!!!!!
I just need a few more bits to stay angry and I'm done.. Xxx

Yes those that would never do it, are the main problem in this.. This is because, they are too nice. Which is actually what you probably end up being to the "shi*bag" MM, just kick his a*s.. :) Is that helping with the anger?