So I let him have it today......I really did.
He came over to my desk today to chat, asked me what's wrong and why I look "fed up" and I just shrugged. Then he spent 30 minutes talking and being friendly and breaking my heart.....
So I messaged him and asked him if he really doesn't realize that the reason I look upset and "fed up" is him?
He said he didn't and thought it was work........and I let him have it.

I told him I can't pretend like him that nothing happened.
I can't pretend like last Tuesday didn't happen.
I can't pretend his wife doesn't know and that he didn't lie to her and tell her it was a one time thing and probably that it meant nothing and I can't pretend that doesn't hurt.....a lot.
I told him that we left things kind of not knowing what was going on or going to happen and then he comes in Monday like nothing happened......just friendly and massaging my shoulders.
I told him don't know how he does it and that maybe he just doesn't have feelings
And then......
I told him that the worst part was that I used to think so highly of him.
I believed him when he said he cared, I trusted him and believed him when he said there was nobody else.
I said I always always always thought that he was still a really good guy. And now I just hate myself every day for ever being in this situation and for falling for this bullshit.
And I told him that I used to think he was one of the good ones.......and now I think he's one of the bad ones that's just really good at pretending.

I haven't received a response......and I don't imagine that I will......but I don't care.
I'm soooo ******* done.
To quote Ms. Carrie Bradshaw......"we're so over we need a new word for over"

He will not have my friendship.......he cannot just move forward getting everything he wants after completely disregarding my feelings.
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2 Responses Aug 19, 2014

You have got to feel better and stronger after voicing that

Good for you!!!