Wow!! This was the most amazing day. Spent most of the day together. Love just laying in his arms while he rubs my back while we talk about everything, talk about nothing, laugh. He makes me smile and I havent done that for a long time. Oh how I love this man. I am glowing :)
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Wow...sounds so nice. Good for you guys. Enjoy those happy moments and savor them for sure!

He makes me feel so special. If I tell him I love him he tells me he loves me back. For the past 7 years everytime I ever told my H that I love him, his response is "I guess I will let you" while he is laughing. No wonder I went looking somewhere else. And found something wonderful.

Wow, sounds like my stbx. It's all about them leaving us miserable. I'm happy for you...