Since I see him at work everyday & we spend lunch together we don't usually txt when he goes home. But lately he's been texting & I'll txt back. We today I txt saying " miss you already" he responded almost 2 hours later saying " I was sleep..that's not good...I'll txt you later"

Meaning she could of picked up his phone while he was sleep. I get that part but it hurt my feelings.
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Well he should protect his phone a bit more then really shouldn't he!

Tell him to turn notifications off then nothing will come up on his phone untill unlocks it.

With me and my MM, since the start of the relationship which is 1.6 yrs, i have never received any type of communication with him if hes already at home after work or during weekends.

He did not tell me outright not to communicate with him but it just became our routine.

We communicate via his celphone. I dont know how he do this but i guess he has the only access on his phone bill.. If hes busy at work we usually just text and give me a call but after work i usually receive 4 calls when hes on his way home..

Ugh. Mine would never say something like that to me. I can only imagine how that would feel. I can text mine anytime I want. He's usually pretty timely about texting me back too. We use his work phone for most of our correspondence. It automatically turns off at midnight so work emails dont keep him up all night. But at that time, If I need him, I use tge iPhone. I couldn't handle feeling like I'm not allowed to text him or call him whenever I needed.