Just wondering, for those of you that have shared 'I love yous' with your mm....
Who said it first?
How long had you been 'together' before saying it?
Did you have an aha moment when you realized you loved him?
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He said it after a few months. And now he never stops. I still feel weird saying it but I know I do.....

I like this question!! ;) it's the funniest thing... It was about 4 months in... And we were having dinner and talking and he looked at me (I was mid sentence telling him a funny work story) and said.. "When are you going to admit that you love me? When are you going to say it?? I feel your love." I said... "I love you ____ (his name) as I was beaming!!" He smiled so big and so much and he said.. "I know you do and I want you to know and feel that I love you. I've loved you more every single day!" And that was that!!

Awwwww luv it!

He told me first. It was in the first week. We were inseparable. I told him I didn't want to love him. That I knew I would get hurt when he left me. He said say you love me. I said I will someday. It was a couple weeks later that I felt it and said it. But sadly around that time w found out about us and I think now he really didn't love me. He loved the feeling of having an affair or being with someone who was in love with him.

He knew I did as I would never of told as he had said we are just FB and nothing can come of it.he knew way my eyes sparkled and the way I smiled and kissed him.my friends that know some say we know when your on the phone to him as your face lights up.he makes me feel good not quiet as much now my heart beats faster, I worry about him and get upset knowing of anything did I couldn't be there.

He said it first, about a year in. I refused to say it first. I had an aha moment seven months in when I realized it. We were driving and he made a little joke and flashed me a smile and I thought "oh ****" because I could feel that everything changed in that moment. A few months prior he didn't get a job he really wanted and I felt so sad when he told me, even though it would have separated us, and I should have realized that was a bad sign....

He said it first dace to face

It was after seven months

The first time he said it I thought he said it but wasn't 100%sure so I said nothing.The week later he said it again clear as anything.he now tells me often

I can't think of a moment I realised.it just created up on me

I love it more when he tells me I blow his mind

He would say it first and i replied love him too.. Most of the time we wld just say missing each other.. He knows that i have doubt abt his love and recently before he left to USA he asked if or why i coulnt feel his love..i do but i feel insecure.. Also probably i dare not give my whole heart to him that is why im feeling this way..

He said it first after we had known each other almost 2 years, been together 6 months. Said he was falling in love with me. I replied that I was madly in love with him.

I definitely had an aha moment about 4 months before saying it. On vacation in Cancun with my H...staring at his picture, laying on the beach, listening to the waves...I talked to his picture. Confessed my feelings to it. ;)

He said it first after about 2 months. I've said it too but shy away from it most of the time. We often just say we care for each other and try to leave love out of it.

Ugh. I hate "I love you" posts! I'm not sure if you would say I got mine or not. I had already said it. He's said it every way he could without saying the words outright. EXCEPT...I was mad at him and he said something along the lines of "I hope I show you that emotion enough because I do love you deeply". That didn't count because I was mad. So... six months in, I'm still waiting on "I love you".