Anyone stayed friends with their FB or lover after it's ended?even if just friends years before that.
Pommy8 Pommy8
51-55, F
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Me and mine were friends online first which crossed lines and back again. Went on for two and a half years before we met. Had an affair then for a few months before deciding to be friends again. The friends thing isn't working out for us. We keep crossing the line. But we do keep a normal friendship too but it's not good for the head. I'm always looking for something more because I'm in love with him whereas he loves me but isn't intending to commit. He has a girlfriend and I have a husband I am in mid of splitting with.
Friends can be done. Depends on whether the friendship was strong enough in the first place and you're willing not to cross any more lines. Easier said than done.