Hi, anyone on here contacted a psychic about your situation?
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I've had a stone reading for a lady and it wasn't until if seen this post that I really thought about it, she's mentioned quite a few things that can connect to what's going on with me right now!

My grammar was appalling in that post! I do apologise for anyone reading that!

Yes I have!!! I had a tarot card reading done and the reader didn't know anything about me. (I had no wedding ring on and she had no idea of marital status or anything) She said your husband is not the man you are supposed to be with. That man is in your life and you will both be getting divorced. The man who is in your life right now is SUPPOSED to be! You will be together. He's meant for you and you are meant for him. This is a blessed union. She went on to say we've led parallel lives and both feel we should have met before now (we went to the same college same years but never met). She said.. You were supposed to meet the way that you did. She said.. It's love. It's true love. You will be together. And then she said.. All your wishes will come true. And she said. I've never ever had these particular cards come up the way they have for you. It's meant to be with you two (she's been doing tarot card readings for 23 years I later found out)

I have been putting off going to one, this is encouraging! May have to try it and HOPE for results like yours!

Good luck!! I encourage every one to do it!!! It's interesting! She said a lot of other stuff (all of it has been true so far and on the exact timeline she said!!) I would love to hear about your experience ;)

;) I LOVE that!!!! ❤️

Hi Koko
Do y'all believe in that? Or just for fun? Never had mine done.
I don't want to be expecting something bad. Or good that doesn't come true.

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Nope just threw the i-Ching for myself and read the cards.

I feel like I don't need one, my mms girl had a dream that he cheated on her with me.
Unless I could just go see her, lol.

So did you cheat with a mm who already had a ow?

No but funny thing leaving work yesterday a woman gave me a card and told me when she looked in my eyes, that it will all work out stop crying....my mouth dropped. Tempted to go speak with her but cant handle the little I do know, what if she gives me way too much and I have a nervous break down.

You should talk to her!!!

I actually had a lady approach me in the store and said I had bad colors, bad karma and I needed to see her. She gave me her card. Haven' gone yet, but tempted!

No she might tell someone. Jk


my luck

Ohhh I might have to do that!

hi sunset, i had a tarot reading about 15 months ago. The reading said I would see movement on his side to end his marriage aug - oct of this year. Time has come. Things are changing and he is making plans (while slow) to move on. The reading said he would definitely leave the W, but it would take him time (all true thus far). I had another reading just the other night, and the predictions are the same. The next few months will be telling.