I spent Friday night to Monday morning with my MM. And will spend Thursday afternoon to Wednesday morning with him too. I'm in absolute heaven.

She moved out at this point. Took everything pretty much and has done nothing but proven herself to be a greedy materialistic **** as she has gone so far as to steal money from accounts of his even after she emptied his retirement and ran. She is evil, vicious, and I am so thankful she is. Because let's face it, if she wasn't my guy wouldn't be my guy.

Working out my exit plan this week. I know I need to get away from my H. Even though he's trying to "be on good behavior", he still consistently proves it's an act. What sort of supposedly good man will buy marijuana before groceries, will call his toddler daughter a ***** because she was having a melt down, or his tween son a ******* ******* just because he didn't feel comfortable talking with him about his problems... Yeah, he may be "changing", but buying me expensive jewelry while I'm begging to go back to school and have my own car and chase my dreams with his excuses of why I can't right now and someday hoping pretty things will make up for it isn't supporting me.

I thank God every day for my MM. For this kind, gentle, soft spoken, caring, handsome, amazing soul I have been gifted to take care of. His voice calms my nightmares, his touch sets my nerves on fire. He is protective without being overbearing. He not only supports my dreams but has no problem giving me a little push when I get scared. He treats my children with love and affection and they simply adore him, to the point my son calls him dad. He calls my mom to say hi and helps my best friend sort out her medical stuff since he is a medical professional. He treats me with absolute respect and courtesy and I am so thankful for this man.

And I can't wait to see him tomorrow!
PrincessLG PrincessLG
31-35, F
Aug 20, 2014