I love someone I can't have. What he wants and what he can have are two different things. I don't know what to believe. I think my time with him was just an experiment or a way for him to escape his life. Maybe he loved me. just not enough.

He made me feel whole. sexy. funny. smart. wanted. I adore him. I loved his sense of humor, his outlook on life. I loved his smile. I loved the way he kissed me and held me like I gave him life. I loved how he encouraged me and made me feel confident. I loved the potential as well. I loved his vision for his life. I saw us with some kind of a future together.

For whatever reason though he has gone silent and either he is not strong enough as a person to tell me that it was a fantasy or he is not strong enough to leave and follow his heart to me. Either way, I can not help him. He sent me a note that he missed me but obviously doesn't want me enough to see me.

I sent him a note today asking him to tell me what is going on and to have a conversation. I do not expect an answer. Personally, I like knowing where I stand. I like closure. So I am done reaching out. that was my last attempt.

Personally, I am in mourning and am writing off married menGood luck to you ladies - I hope you have what makes you happy and that you get to live your best life, however you define it.

xoxo to you all
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I feel like u r my mw writing this but from my point of view but also hers by answering things I have texted but she never will answer. It is to exact. Crazy if u were

She is also a gemini

If it is I would try n see her but I'm afraid that she may call the police....lol

Good bye, Gem, be happy! Xoxo

You are doing the right thing and will get through this. When you are healing, give yourself closure. Think about everything you gave him and everything he gave you during your time together. No one can take that from you.

Married men should always be out of bounds... Put urself in the place of the wife how would u feel if u were the one being cheated on! Sounds like he's had his fun an tried something new or maybe his wife has found out and that's why he's had to cut off to save his marriage!!! I wish you happiness in the future with someone who will make u their number one!!!