Don't ever get yourself into this situation unless you like your emotions to be toyed with, like being the second choice or best of all, being a complete secret! It starts out good and happy but let me say that the difficulty progresses over time and letting go is hard like hell.
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I totally agree don't have an affair it's just to painful,you might think your strong enough but once feelings get involved its to hard:((((

Agreed. And Koko is right, not all end u like this but the majority do and wow does it hurt!

This group makes me scared lol u culd be with someone and they could be with someone else behind ur back for years and ud never know

I had what I thought the best husband ever could not fault and dad.only to find out cheating for years.makes me wonder if I will ever trust again.

This group scares me it just shows the level of betrayal people have now a days i feel like noone is loyal .

I'm now the ow nothing I'm proud of I can tell u.faithful 25 years to what I thought a loving husband.sonce split the stories ive heard I myself wonder is anyone faithful.