I was all teary eyes this morning over this man and now I get a call from my receptionist my husband is here. My husband WHAT!!! she said he is here to see you, its my MM I am NOT HIS WIFE! I am the side *****, the bottom *****, the mistress what ever else I cant think .....OMFG why wont he let me go. why wont he leave me alone he has a ******* wife! This is hard enough. Lord Give me strength he is not gonna make this easy. I cant get sucked back in, I don't care how much I love him....please don't let me, this is gonna be harder than I thought. If he loved me at all then he will let me go or file that damm divorce. I'm calling his wife right now and I'm taking a picture of him in my office caption"come get your ******* husband"!
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Did you really do that?

I sure did, he knew it and didn't care. He said (we) are going to the divorce attorney tomorrow.

Well, if they file, do you still want him back?

I don't know, I am just so angry so hurt, so confused.

You said IF he loved you he'd let you go or file for divorce. It's happening. You have time because divorces take a bit to finish. Heavy thinking to do.

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You made me laugh! I'm sorry.