So after only 4 months I've decided being the OW is not for me. It takes a special kinda woman to live this lifestyle. I applaud you ladies that have been doing it for years.
After that whole txt message incident yesterday I realized I'm not ok with being the runner up or second choice. I'm worth way more.
He claims he didn't mean anything bad with that "not good" response I got from him. Then he accused me of trying to get him caught!
At that point I told him this situation is not for me and to take care...then turned and walked away without looking back
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I applaud you to see sence so quick. It's just a trip down heartache road and we are stupid letting them treat us that way.

I'm in the same boat! Good for you, stay strong, respect and love yourself!

I applaud you for realizing this before you got in too most of us who have been in this for years. Hope you find whatever makes you happy :)

Good for you!! Always their way. Their rules. Saying that we go out in public where his girlfriend lives which is a bit mad but there we are. But I get nothing back like I should either. Hoping to find the strength u have x

It was starting to become really one sided. I'd go to his dept. to see him. I would go see him on his days off. I would go see him at his family members house. I was doing making the effort to spend time with him

Wow that's me. One and half hour journey to him exactly. He's been once to see me. It's my money ploughed into hotels and transport. Though he's let me stay at his. All my effort. But then he does wondrous little things like hand makes me cards for special occasions, writes me a song on the piano, lets me into his private life with family and friends...I'm not sure which has more significance-the stuff he does or he stuff he doesn't

That's an incredible statement, "the stuff he does or the stuff he doesn't". How true. Xoxo

Sorry that was for Grace!

Which would u choose?!

It is. And now you know what not to stand for! Xoxo

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