Ok do I'm new to all this and I'm not sure what all the abbreviations stand for....I know OW is other woman....but please tell me what all the others stand for and what they are......my guy isn't married...he's divorced but with a GF....

But I did get to see him lastnight and it was nice. I had to call him to find out if he was coming to the meeting and he didn't answer so I hung up but it took him not even 5 mins to call me back say he was sorry that he missed my call...of which I did not think he would even call me back cuz of being with his GF...but he got to the meeting and right away he smiled at me and started his playful flirting.So after the meeting and everyone was gone...we did like we always do stayed longer to talk just so we can see each other. But through the whole meeting we did our playful flirting and after the meeting of course he hugged me and kissed me....and kept telling me he wanted me but we couldn't do anything where we were plus he tells me that I'm way better than being put in a backseat of a truck or over a table...so we made plans for a night to be able to be together...I just hope that he doesn't cancel cuz of his GF like he has before cuz I'm on the edge of telling him I'm done and we can no longer do this. Being the OW isn't what I want with him anymore...plus the other day when I got to see him...he called his GF a dimwit and the dumbass *****...but everytime he does say anything about his GF he never says my GF...he either say her or some name like idiot or the psycho or other not so nice names.But everytime he sees me or talks to me he's all smiles and happy...we FaceTime so I know he's smiling...and like the other day he was in a bad mood as well as lastnight but as soon as we were together he was happy and in a better mood. So I don't know why he's still with her....he can't even say that he loves her and he never has. But I did get to see him and talk to him...and touch him and kiss him lastnight.
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Oh and there's
MM married man
AP affair partner
D-Day discovery day (day someone was "caught"
What have I missed?

Thanks and I'm not sure if you missed anything but I think there are others but thanks

W...wife. OM...other man. H..husband.

Quite honestly it's hard to say why some men stay. There are probably as many reasons as there are men to tell the tale.

Very true...but he has had so many people tell him to leave her including his mom...I have not told him that he needs to leave her but that he does need to rethink everything and his relationship and do what makes him happy and she doesn't make him happy...he tells me they fight all the time....but he could be just saying stuff and making it out to be worse than what it really is cuz he wants in my pants and more with me...I really don't know

That's a possibility. I would be cautious to trust someone who speaks so badly of their significant other, unless you've been confidants for a long period of time.