He won't just let me go!!!!

He did respond and says what I said to him is the farthest from the truth.....
We discussed it more last night and I continued to let him have it.....

This morning he tells me he wants us to resolve this because he doesn't like that I feel like ****.
He wants to come and talk on Saturday afternoon......promises he won't try anything......

I dunno about this......not sure how it'll be resolved.
PrincessLolita PrincessLolita
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3 Responses Aug 20, 2014

Depends what he means by resolve. How can he fix this by coming over? O don't trust it.

I'm not really sure what he means.
I'm not sure how he can come over or we can go out and he can make me actually believe he cares after all that has happened.....
He's said he cares about me before and that I mean so much to him.......but when your actions so blatantly show the opposite of that....how is one conversation going to fix it?
I'm confused actually. I am sure he won't try anything sex-wise......but I don't know what he's hoping to resolve.

Ditto with what the girls said. Go out. Do not let him come over. If he insists, simply tell him you will not open the door. He has hurt you terribly, and I really don't see how he can fix things.

Hang in there Lolita! You know you haven't liked how you've been treated. You come first!!!