Today was a very difficult day for me. It has been 11 days if no contact. Fortunately, I am very busy at work because I am on vacation next week.

I want so badly to hear his voice. I will not reach out to him though. I couldn't bear to hear him ever say he reconciled completely with his W or he was in love with someone else. I have no right to these feelings, but I am not strong enough to deal with it.
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Same here. Never hear from him at all!! Next monday likely he would be in contact. If he ever still remembers me.. Feeling anger, curious name it.. All built up.. Be strong just are almost there.

Hang in there k. You are strong. Stronger than me. I broke the NC after only 10 days. I feel worse after that. Now I have to re-start my NC clock again.

I feel you girl. I'm so sorry you are going through this. I just ended 6 weeks of NC because he finally contacted me with good news. I know how hard it is to stay strong, but you can do it!

Move on , trust me . I have never been the other women. I am actually the wife he's cheated on . But how yourself time to breath and find a nice , single man . Not attempting to seem mean just being honest , enjoy your trip !

This hurts my heart to hear. I am so sorry!!!

Thank you :) I loved him with everything I had. For whatever reason, he faded out of my life. I will move forward, but it hurts.

Welcome back! You were missed :)