My MM is back from the Bahamas!! I had tried an online dating site bc I had this awful feeling things were going to be over between us. I went out on a coffee date. A great reminder of why I love the man that I do!!! And my MM told me that he was in a cab to go to the Harley store, he started talking to the man with him, and that man was from my hometown!! My tiny, tiny hometown!!! He said there were millions of "signs" during our week of silence and reflection. I had a ton too! Even on that stupid coffee date!

Goodbye plenty of fish! Hello my sweet, sweet, wonderful man!! Oh how I've missed you!!!! :)
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I bet his wife missed him too.

Anyways, I'm glad for you he's back. ^^ So, what are you gonna do now if I may ask?

I see.

Can we be BFF koko???

So what are you gonna do now bob? I feel like I've just won a showcase on the price is right!!!! I'm going to be one happy girl loving my wonderful man and supporting him until he is ready! With newfound faith!! :)

Love your support koko!!! Thank you!!

It's funny how someone posts a reply to my comment and I'm completely ignored. :P

Lol junkard...I honestly thought I answered the question. Was I misunderstanding? I'm going to love and support him with newfound faith that I know we will make it. That's it! :)

No, kokopuffy gave me an answer, not you.

Now you gave me answer. Good luck and have fun loving and supporting him. :)

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What a great share! So happy for you two. I tried dating a few times while we were on our NC and for me, exactly the same - they're all impostors, I want the real deal! Love my mm too!

:D love it!!

I love this!! It's so funny you should say about the signs.. The other night I was on my way to meet my girlfriends.. And I had just had time with mm (love love love him) and I said.. Out loud in the car (I was all alone..) "God, send me a sign. I love him so much, but I never thought of be in this predicament. We are both married! Help!! Guide me!! And at that EXACT moment.. Church bells started ringing and I look over and it's St _______ (his name) church. That's all the sign I need!

Wow you bells and whistles ;)

Lol!! I told him about it later that night.. And he said.. "See... I always thought I was the only one who heard bells and whistles!!" Lol!

Wow, what a great story! Love it!

Thank you!!

Haha! That is so cute! I love signs! While he was angry, I was super angry one day and was googling things on my phone "for my future". I was trying to figure out what to do next. (By the way, decided on applying for my phd!). Just then, the little automatic wifi thing came up and the ONE AND ONLY wifi listed was nothing but his name! Lol. I said out loud "oh geez! You gotta be kidding me!!!" Lol

LOL!!! I Love that!!!!!!! First, congrats on going for your PHD!!! Good for you!!! and second, I ADORE signs!!!! I'm telling you... Can't ignore them.. They are everywhere !!!

Oops I meant to say while he was "away". Lol.

I love them too. They make me so happy! One night I prayed to God to show me a glimpse of my future-good or bad. I dreamed that night that I was in wegmans with a one year old in my cart that looked just like his 8 yr old son. So to me, it seemed like this was OUR son. You know? And me and the little boy were searching for "daddy's favorite" something or other. I don't remember that. But I DO remember thinking in my dream, "boy I love this man! I would have never looked this long for my ex husband!"

Crazy crazy dream! I've asked for other future dreams and haven't received them. I'm just taking that as my sign from God! I have to keep the faith!

Absolutely!!!! I LOVE this!!! I'm going to
Do that!!! I'm telling you, if we all just opened ourselves up to the universe and to signs from God, we would feel so much better. 👍👏😁

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That's so nice to hear. You two have such a strong bond! I love it!!

Aw, thank you! He is the only person I ever dated that I was friends with first. We were friends for about 4 years. Now BFF for two! I love that man!!!!