A lot of the time I only think about all the work and sacrifice I'm putting into this relationship, I forgot he's equally going out of his way rearranging his truck route or parking across town and walking to my house. Tonight he knew I was in town late (getting my tattoo sleeve worked on), I figured he was already home but when I came out of the shop I had a text. "Call me...I want to be the first to see it" :) and he was. We didn't have but 10 minutes but it was a nice visit. Nice to know he loves my ink as much as I do.
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I am an ink lover!!! What did you get??

I've had a koi on my upper arm for years turning it into a sleeve with fantail goldfish cherry blossoms and lotus flowers, I go to an artist that draws everything herself basically i give her the idea and she runs with it. Its a work in progress but I love how it's shaping up.

it sounds beautiful.

That's awesome!! I have an Amazonian back panel that's been in progress for months. Message me! We should trade pics!!

I sent u a pic...or attempted to I've never sent one on here so idk

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