I had a great day with him! We spent 10 hours together, I still am amazed that he chose to spend his W's birthday with me but I won't question what seems to be a good sign for me. I spent much of the day hugging him, kissing him, touching him. And he told me I was beautiful! Those words sounded exponentially sweeter coming from the only lips I could kiss for hours. I am so in love with this man, I could spend an entire lifetime in his arms! ❤
ArlingtonRose ArlingtonRose
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Wow this is beautiful tell us more how did the date go?

It went great! I am able to travel with him for work because he is self employed so lots and lots of time to chat with him, be near him, and make out! Lol. He took me to lunch, confided in me about how things are going with his businesses, his W, his kids, etc. We laughed and smiled alot! His W did call and he took it but it didn't bother me, it was her birthday after all. Just an all around great day! Just what I needed before I start college on Monday!!! :-)