I should stop but I will not.
Something draws me to him even though he belongs to someone else.
I am too part of another's life.
Both decided not to leave each other's spouse.
He says he can never love me because his heart belongs to her.
We will be nothing but friends with benefits.
I did not want more than this.
Trying to balance everything.
Trying not to get hurt.
Trying not to get caught.
I tell myself to just enjoy each experience as it comes and when it is over it is over.
Asheera123 Asheera123
46-50, F
2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I'm sorry to say this but It sounds like you are on the slippery slope to misery, I've been where you are and believe me all your good intentions of not becoming attached and not wanting more are wasted. Before you know it you'll be caught hook line and sinker!!!

Be careful.. x

Yep....if you can keep that mindset, more power to you. But I'm afraid you are headed for heartache. Take it from someone who started with the same mindset.

Just be careful.if you were someone who could keep emotions out you wouldn't be trying not to get hurt as it wouldn't bother you.

Truefully do you love him?

When my affair started I never really even thought about where it would take me.but 2 years in I love him sooo much.

I don't think my OM came into this with the attention of falling in love either.

I think it can be done but very hard not to fall in love with someone you are intimate with time and time again. Especially if your seeing each other several times a week.

If it works for you great just be careful x

i think if I do love him it is different than the love I have with my spouse. Knowing that neither one of us plan to leave our marriages puts it in perspective. I accept that this is a life style for me but something I know will not go on forever.

Yeah I think you can love on different levels.but for me I know if I was truly in love with my husband I'd of never let another man close