Does anyone else ever feel guilty when it's that time of the month and they can't sleep with their MM? I know that sounds so psychotic, but a part of me gets such bad anxiety that if he can't have sex with me he will leave. This is absurd and irrational, right? I need to basically just smack myself in the face and stop being ridiculous. I am just so paranoid and live in constant fear of him getting tired of me despite the fact he tells me he is in love with me and could never be sick of me. I just always get sad since I've started seeing him when I get my period. Maybe it's because psychologically I know that we will probably never have kids together- I'm entirely too hormonal right now I think... I need a pizza and burrito and brownie.
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I had the best night I've ever had with him on my period......we didn't have full sex but it was a lot of just cuddling and kissing and touching for hours in ended in a bj.....but it was an amazing night.

Sounds so good to me!!

It's about your comfort level... It doesn't stop my mm ;)

MM and I don't let it stop us either. I usually only have one really heavy day so I'll make him work around that day. The only thing that bothers him is he can't return the oral!!!

I think your overreacting a tad.why should you feel guilty.if your that bothered go on a pill that stops your periods.But only do it for YOU!!!
Personally my periods doesn't bother me or my man(I'm very light otherwise maybe I would mind)
You have to learn to trust him that he loves you or you will do your own head in

Yeah; I think you are being hormonal and a bit insecure. I never had a problem with any one I was intimate with. In fact just recently my BF response was we can just lay a towel down. And that was that. But its really your comfort level.

We joke that he celebrates it for a couple babies and guaranteed bjs.

Yeah you do need to get a grip. Men always have to deal with this no matter what.

Plus, I'm not sure if it's you or him who won't have sex. But really unless you have a major flow (and some people do) sex during the TOM is just fine. I do it. He doesn't mind it. In fact, I've never had a lover who did mind.

My MM doesn't mind when my lovely friend comes to visit for a week. He says that won't stop him lol
But I do understand what you are saying

Its only a short time and its not like you are rejecting him.