If your Mm isnt contacing you whatsoever but will speak to people you know and tells then he will be intouch with you and said friend tells you they think you can both sort through it and you message mm asking him if you should change your relationshp back to single on something and he sees the message but never answers it what youd you say that means ... Thanks
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Change your relationship back to single and don't contact him anymore....if he really cares he'll see that you changed it and that you haven't made an effort to contact him than he may contact you and talk to you about it but as for him talking to your friends about you that I don't know but change it and don't contact him and see what happens

I think you should leave him a kind voice message and ask him to meet up and talk about it face to face. Because I believe messaging just will not sort out your problem.

Iv tried that believe me no joy he wont answer my texts messages or voicemails iv given up trying now he wont even tell me weather to go back to single or not hes blanking every thing I try im at mt witts end all hell do is talk to people we both know and he saud my Mm had said hed be intouch with me what I dont get is why I wont reply to my message aaking if I should change my status back to single just a simple yes or no would of done from him .

I hate to say this but he is clearly ignoring you... Best thing you can do is move on, or at least show him that you are. People who like or love you don't ignore you.

Yeah I fully aware hes ignoring me but why tell our friend hed be intouch with me and discuss me with said friend or why not just block me

That I don't know... Maybe to divert the conversation... Who knows. Keep your head up

I would think he just wants to brush of the conversation about your relationship with your friends and therefore saying he will contact you would be the best way to end the conversation.

Oh I see. I think you should change your status to single because your life shouldn't revolve around others decisions.

Well I dont know what to do...hes got some of my clothes still and 2 bags and a few other bits he waid he was going to send them more than a week ago now..and iv ecieved nothing.....if I go back to single hes suffering with depression what if I make matters worse by changing it as hes told my mate hell be intouch im very confused I dont know if hes doing NC or what.......

Surprise surprise... He contacted me out the blue after much talking n him suggesting friends at first we have decidedwere still on hes not sent my clothes back there stillat his he just needs time to sirt himself out as hes got depression but as far as,hes concerned were still on.....

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