Have a question. For those of you who are married, how many of you get along fine with your husband? My husband and I get along well, now our relationship is more of a friendship than anything else, but I just wondered about the rest of you.

Question came to mind because he was off work today & went to play golf. Now if my MM were off, he definitely would have been checking to see if I could take some time off so we could go do something. My husband, not so much. That used to frustrate me, but now since I'm in this other relationship, I'm ok with it. He does what he wants and I do the same. But we basically get along fine. Wondering if I'm the only one like this.
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Me and my husband get along fine. We like to be together, really like to travel and 'experience' the world together. I like him and I love him. I think he feels the same.
Sexually? Comfortable. He plays the horney and wanting-it-all-the-time guy, but it doesn't play out physically (for him) and that changed things for me. At a high school reunion he 'made out' with an old flame...I was informed later, by other than him.
He is trying to keep it alive (it's always been quite good), and it's not 'bad'.
I enjoy his attentions, but it's not the same. I feel different. Our family life with the kids has been so terrific that I can't do better there.
I just feel different, especially after the reunion shenanigans. He seems to be overplaying the sexual attraction b/w us since, and I can't buy it even if it's always been there.
That's it for me. I wonder about him now. I don't think he would ever be completely unfaithful due to our principles, but there it is. Limbo. Asexuality due to the need for more from a spouse that youve lost faith in? The question about whether he deserves trust, faith, access and intimacy? I feel vulnerable and embarrassed. He now acts as if there are open to threats regarding me! What? He has never reacted about casual overtures towards me before. He is overcompensating. It's hard to see a return to devotion on my part.

My relationship with my husband is rocky and miserable at best and has been, long before my MM entered the picture. We have nothing in common, he is controlling, lazy, and lacks ambition or drive. I do not ever seek him out for sex, sometimes I do it if he whines but I have not enjoyed it for a very long time.
We fight constantly and we can't even communicate about the simplest issue because if I disagree with him, he throws a fit and refuses to discuss it further. Hopefully I can find some resolution to this soon!

My hubby and I fight or just don't talk at all....we can be sitting 2feet from each other and not speak a word...we have no sexual relationship at all...he if away now for work and had been gone 4 months and before he left it had been about 4 months with no sex...even with him being gone we don't talk and if we do he only calls or texts me to fight and argue about something...but my AP had an unhappy relationship with his GF...so even being in this OW relationship nothing has changed on my other one

I do wonder if my husband ever found out what his reaction would be.

I'm sure not good. I know mines reaction would not be even though we had numerous conversations about why I wasn't happy. I guess he thinks I just got happy all of a sudden.

My husband has mentioned that I have been happier lately. I said I just have accepted what we have. It works.

I think we have talked about this before.
My husband and I are pretty close. We have our time together but we do enjoy our alone time.
We use to fight often but since MM has came into my life I find that we hardly fight.
I would like to think of MM as personal counseling for me lol

Yes we have talked about it. Like I said, I am hard pressed to come up with a fight we have had in the last 2 years!

Mine had off today and the only thing we did was go out for lunch. He also slept most of the day. We could have been cuddling, but no. He has no clue.

I guess lunch is something. Its so interesting to me that they do appear to be clueless. I could never figure out why that whole romance part just kind of disappeared.

No, this is how my life is. We have no marital issues and never fight. I think my AP has the same relationship with his W as well.

So interesting....well good to know I'm not the only one.

Nope. My husband and I seem like friends with befits. Although if you ask him he will say everything is fine.


My husband are seperated at the min, but we are also like friends with benefits. Not much emotional fulfilment. When he's at home we either fight like cat and dog, or get along ok. We have little in common though.

Interesting. I don't think we've had a fight in at least 2 years.

So would mine! Before my MM when I was so frustrated/upset and tried to get him to see why, he didn't get it, and figured it was all me. Now that I don't bother him about any of that anymore, he is quite happy.

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