Really missing my baby today. We did our usual today but I just cant get him off my mind this evening. Would love to just be in his arms. Feeling his passionate kiss, his gentle touch. Even his smell makes me weak at the knees. I bought a bottle of his cologne just to spray my pillow so when he isnt with me I can still smell him. I hate loving him so much.
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

I spent lunch with mine & it left me wanting more

He just texted me and told me he was tired and was going to bed. I told him that would only be fun if I was waiting under the covers. Lol

He gave me a bottle of his so I could do the same. We are crazy, right? Lol

He wears Hugo Boss and Armani Mania. I personally like the Hugo Boss the best. I love to be able to smell him on me. Makes me want him sooooo bad!!! And yes. We are crazy!!! Lol