YES!!!! I have noticed that some of you ladies get to go to your MM'S house when the W is out of town or whatever. I love the idea of that but for some reason, I never thought it would be a realistic option. When I was with him yesterday, he was telling me about the great back deck he has and I told him that it sounded beautiful, wish I could see it. Then he told me that when his W was out of town, which she does semi-regularly, that he would take me over there!!! That really excites me because it doesn't seem that every OW gets to do that. And it further confirms that he completely trusts me! ❤
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Thanks for your responses ladies! Not sure if I would actually do it or even if he would but just him saying that made me feel good, you know? ☺

My know my OM trusts me but I wouldn't want to go to house.thats his wife's space wouldn't feel right to me

I don't think I could do that. I want to keep what we have separate from that part of his life.

I'm not proud I can tell u.ive known him 30plus years so just been friends.eveb though i know so wrong I pop for coffee as it gets me to be with him.

I'm at mine for quick fun or just for coffee with his partner there.or I house sit when they are away.

I was the first gf he's had over his house it felt amazing to cross that level but he was so stressed that someone might spot me sneaking in or that his wife would check the cameras after the third time I didnt want to go.anymore now he comes to me.

Lol it was funny but annoying at thr same time they were of his house and I left with an umbrella even though there was no rain so the front camera wouldn't see me but come on you have a young attractive girl coming to.your house at night and leaving in the morning if she looked at the videos there was no explaining that one away

I used to live with them! We've been together in almost every room of the house!

I spent 10 glorious days at his house felt so normal and so right. He actually cried the day I had to leave because she was coming home. The was really really hard after that because we had gotten a taste of what it could be like.