So I was being nosy and reading I am not the other woman page.... And it's kind of funny that they think their men don't have genuine feelings for us
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I haven't read any of those posts, but these women are married to somebody they think they can trust, they have built a life with these men, and want to feel safe. And whenever an affair is discovered, the MM wil do what he does best. Lie. Because that's what he needs to do to survive. The betrayed spose knows nothing, other than what her husband tells her, and yes, in order to save his rear end, he will tell the wife he doens't love his mistress and that she was just a side piece. And that's the only thing the wife knows. She can only believe what HE tells her, because that's the only thing she ever hears.

Plus, what do WE really know, being the OW? We also only know what he tells us, and if he tells us he loves us, how seriously can you take that? He lies to her, he lies to us, he lies to everybody. Fact.

So, if you know he is married to someone why do you even go for him. Don't you think that you ate dealing with a piece of **** who could not have a successful relation with the one he married. Why don't you ask him to leave his wife first and then come to you. How do you know he is not lying to you just to get into your pants....

If the wife acknowledged that their husband had feelings for the OW, than they don't have to deal with the fact that they are the problem/fault of the problems in their marriage. It is easier to blame the OW because in their mind the OW is pursuing their husband, not the other way around trying to take their man from them. They also never truly liked/loved themselves which is a the root of it all. If they did, they would take responsibility for the problems and find a solution. Hugs