Help!! I need some retail advise. My birthday is this Sunday. My BF told me he's hates shopping so he asked me to go shopping with him and pick out what ever I want for my b-day.

Exciting right? Well I'm kinda struggling with this. I know exactly what I want which is a $400-$500 purse and $100 perfume. These may not seem like expensive gifts to most of you ladies on here but at this time in my life it's out of my price range because of being a single parent who is currently in school. The cost of these items this is absolutely nothing to my BF. Lord knows his former easily dropped $20k a month. So cost is not an issue for him and he's never been on the cheap with me. In fact he often tells me "it's all about you A--'' and to get what ever you want". He's very very generous.

But for some reason because I know the exact amount I'm a little uneasy. It's not that he's never bought me expensive gifts or trips; quit a few have been more than the purse I want. I just think the fact that I know the exact amount its rattling me a bit.

My BF reads me well. He's been laying the ground work this week and has been saying things like "I want to make my princess happy", "If I do things for you I just want to know it makes you happy and that you appreciate it". And he tells do worry about returning the favor or try and out do him because he enjoys doing things for me. So, when he told me today he wanted me to go shopping with him and pick out what ever I wanted his reassurance this week was his way to make me comfortable.

The crazy thing is I'm nervous about it. So should I go for the gusto and get exactly what I want? It's not like I've never had men be generous with me. My former was always giving gifts and was generous. But I don't know it's like because my BF has money I don't want him to think I view him as an AM machine. Arrrgh

I already told him to surprise me. He said No. It ain't nothing like receiving a gift you don't want. And to prevent that we are going together and you pick what you want. I even sent a picture of the purse. He said I rather you coming shopping with me; I'll give you my credit card. Arggghh.... what to do what to do?

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Hay that is great. Tell him he has to give you a price range....that could be good. You will learn how to celebrate your birthday.

That's a good idea. But knowing him he won't hear of it.

Happy early birthday friend!! Have fun shopping! Go for it!!! ;)

Yeah after reading everyone's respond I will. Several men and of course all ladies on here are saying go for it and enjoy it. And not to worry about it because he'll get a kick out of seeing me get all worked up over. Which is sad to say but I will. I'm purse addicted and hadn't had my fix in 8 months. Can we get Amen on a new purse? Lol

Amen!!! OMG AMEN!


get what you want or what you need. as a man who has trouble buying fitting gifts it is a gift to him to relieve him of the burden of trying anticipate your response to what he thinks you would want or need. we read minds poorly.

Good to know lol lol. Yeah he's seemed relieved that I'm picking it out. I know months when he found out his daughter and I share the same b-day he said good I give you two my credit card and girls gave at it.

Aren't u a lucky girl lol

Yeah..he's just an amazing man. I learn so much from him. And we just have that connection.

Get what you want for your Birthday. It seems like an offer, rather than you mooching from him.

Well...I will. Everyone on here made it easy for me to just go for it.

Hmmm, just do it, it's nice to see that you are realistic about the price range, but if he has the money and is not a problem for him than take advantage of it.

Yeah...I'm gonna go for it :). Thanks

I say go shopping with him and get what you want as it will please him as much as it will please and make you happy. Enjoy and happy birthday:)

Ok I'm going for it :) thanks

First world problems. :) it's your birthday so it makes sense to "go all out" with the gift esp. if he can afford it. Sounds like you're hesitant for other reasons... Maybe because you're unsure of what his expectations are of you now and in the future. Just be thankful for the gift. hit on something. I just don't want him to think I'm like his former. She just used him up like a bank. Never really satisfied or at least he didn't feel she appreciates anything he gave her.

Hi. I can tell you a man that it gives us great pleasure to make our lovers happy.
Of you want him happy, take his offer. He will love you even more that he has pleased you.
Good shopping and Happy Birthday.

Thanks for giving me a man's perspective. I just didn't want to come off as a gold digger. There's about a 16 yr age gap, he's well off and established so sometimes I over think it and try my best not to come off as if I'm with him for money. I really do love him and appreciate everything he does for me.

I too date younger women and love to get things for them they can't afford and can live without.
You will thrill him by accepting and trust me, he won't think that about you at all !!!

Good to know. So enjoy the gifts.

Yes. You enjoy them and he will enjoy watching you enjoying them

Saiya age is only a number. Be happy and make him happy and get what you want:0

Ok..I'm getting pumped and more excited.

My bf is 20 years older than me... I tell him all the time that he may be buying me things now but to give me five years and the tables will start turning! My goal in life is to retire him... Even though he has enough :)

I'm so there with you. LOL Which he gets a real kick out of that. That was one of the reasons he was attracted to me because of my independence and drive. He said me being ambitious and a hard worker was a turn on.

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