I haven't had any contact with my AP since Tuesday and I probably won't again until this coming Tuesday but I so badly want to text him or call him to tell him that we need to talk but I know that I won't get a reply back or he won't pick up his phone cuz of his GF and if she gets ahold of his phone and sees that I called or texted she'll flip out and fight/argue with him all night and he'll get up set with me cuz I've already told him I know better than to call or text him cuz of her but it's not fair to me and it hurts me that I can't talk to him text him or see him or be with him whenever I want to and he just doesn't understand that I just want more of his time but he can't get away from his GF at all to be able to be with me see me talk to me or anything for that matter I mean he can't even go into the bathroom to text me without her banging on the door asking what he's doing I just want him to tell me what he really wants and how he feels about me
I have in my head to let him go and end a this but my heart isn't there yet so I'm left hoping he'll do something soon and talk to me about everything
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Can any of you please tell me the apps that can be used to talk and text with and are they ones that will automatically delete messages when you log out....sorry I'm kinda new to all these apps and stuff....
It's not the phone records being brought up...it's her getting ahold of his phone or iPad and going through it to see who he's called or talked to just like she does with his email....and YES she does watch him like a hawk always looking over his shoulder at what he's doing looking to get his passcode for his phone and iPad...she broke into his iPad and turned on the messages thing so she could get any and all texts that go to his phone cuz I guess they'll come up on the iPad as well since they are linked...so now he has to take his iPad with him everywhere he goes....and as for work he just retired so he's looking for a new job...
But yes he'll go into the bathroom to answer me and if he's In there for more than 5mins she's banging on the door yelling what are you doing and there's two bathrooms...he was talking to me one day and she was doing it and I heard her...she showed up at our meeting one Tuesday night and gave everyone that was a female dirty looks and she followed him around like a little puppy dog....she has kids from her previous and she uses them on him and makes him take her one kid with him wherever he goes
Yes I know I choose to do this but it was before I knew he had a GF and before I knew she was bat **** crazy and possessive and yes I know I have the chose to get out and let him go. But he had a chose to and he needs to think about and the only way he can is if I can talk to him about what I'm feeling and wanting

I understand because my head & heart are in 2 different places right now too. A week is a long time without contact but sounds like his GF is watching him like a hawk. True he can call or txt while @ work but he's probably afraid she'll pull up phone records.

Sorry but I've been in an affair a long time and using their partner as a excuse is a bit lame.Plus there are plenty of apps you can use if phone records are being checked.if my OM told me that I wouldn't believe a word of it.
Sorry but u deserve more than that!

No I don't think he is being fair to you at all or treating you nice.
No contact all week is not on.
Personally I think he is making excuses from what you have had.his gf has to use the bathroom he has to go to work so he really could contact you.
Sorry if that's sounds harsh but if your unhappy about the lack of contact tell him.tell him not to treat you like a booty call or he can do one.if he wants you in his life make him make some effort