Today's the day... they find out the sex of the baby. Part of me is happy and the other part of me is torn. But I have to put my best foot forward and wait for the phone call this afternoon.
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Hey sweetie, I completely understand where you are coming from. My MM'S W is 16 weeks pregnant so I will soon enough be in the same boat as you. It really, really bothered me at first until we talked about it 2 days ago. I am sure I will have moments in the future where it will briefly bother me but it's the nature of the beast. Hang in there and stay strong!

I know that feeling. My MM mentioned the other day that his wife wanted to start trying. I know he will be an amazing dad and would hate for him not to experience that but part of me wishes he wouldn't.

It's hard but it is a choice we make with having them apart of our lives. I feel for ya. Sending love

Anytime that's why I love EP cause you can find people who will understand!!!

Just ignore Humbledbylife. She pulled the same crap with me and I got the same lecture. She is a troll and I blocked her. Her only experience on EP is this one yet she clearly isn't one, doesn't understand it, and just wants to judge and preach. Pathetic!!!!

I had three babies with a man I grew to hate. Babies are great, and now that they're grown they are my best friends but let's not trip ourselves up over sentimental claptrap. My ex and I were not "consumed" by the need to be there for each other. We worked we vacationed we raised them until I couldn't take him anymore and finished up on my own.

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