I made it a few days...then he was rushed to the hospital with pancrease issues. He called me beside himself in pain and needing me. Immediately I was at his side. So back into a relationship, he did admit he's deeply in love with me. I am happier now with it all, we see each other more, he's doing better but still in pain.
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I hope his pain gets better. Xoxo

I'm not saying this to be mean, but why didn't he call his wife? My MM recently told me that he wanted me to be more supportive through hard times and I went into care taking mode....and then realized, no. No. No. The person who sleeps next to him at night should be the one doing that.

His wife was completely aware he's sick, she was working a 12 hour shift. Not to mention I've talked and been there with him through a great deal of pain. I'm good at distracting him.