The push pull, or hot and cold behaviour. I just want to know if this happens to anyone else.
My married man and me (I am married too) have tried hard to keep out feelings in check. We have went down the emotional path and it ended with texting and meeting constantly and our heads were always filled with thoughts and our spouses knew something was up, we also wouldn't want sex at home when we talked and were together so often.

So now we try to keep things more low key. Problem is I am able to be consistent and he's not.
He will blow hot, talk to me constantly for a few days then nothing for a week. We will meet several times one month at his request then nothing not even flirting for another two weeks or more!
When he comes back it's always stronger than the last time but I hate the silence In between and honestly I would rather it be more spread out then hot like crazy and then completely cold while he sorts out his feelings.
I understand the reasoning behind it. I know his wife and she tells me he's uninterested in sex at home or that he's angry at her all the time .. That will happen after we have been talking or have been together.. She will start pointing that out to me (me and him don't discuss what our spouses say) and almost immediately he will go quiet for a couple weeks.

He will also go quiet if my husband complains to him about me.
He always comes back in his own I do not initiate much because I'm tired of not knowing which it's going to be.

Any thoughts on this behaviour?
Missmetomorrow Missmetomorrow
26-30, F
Aug 22, 2014