Hey look.. I have my own group..

Started by.. PrincessSpyder

EP Link

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11 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Oh, wow!!!! All is cool cause she spelled your name right. I'm jealous....

Obviously, she's feeling insecure cause she hasn't made you TREMBLE with her truths that make ALL OW hate her.

Can her ego get any bigger?

Congrats. I love she's made you into an EP celebrity. You're my new hero on here!!!!

No members!!!!! I love koko!!! :)

I'm kinda jealous nobody dedicates that much energy to hating ...."disliking" me :(

Wow. She obviously has nothing to do. Smh.

Too funny!

That ridiculous!!! How sis you find that??? You're lovely

Lol, thanks for sharing, Koko! Haters gotta hate! 😏

Wow you're an EP celebrity now!!

I'm jealous. I found it.

They'd like you if they got to know you.

Trying to get to the link started by princessSpyder. I need a good laugh today.

I truly laughed out loud. Would you be upset if I said me too so I can read the posts lol

I like you ok. May I add you to my circle?