He's going away tomorrow for a week with his wife and kids and I can't stop crying - can I have some virtual hugs? I'm so so so upset I can't stop my tears
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You would be much happier if you didn't have a married man as a lover, that's for sure. You will never be what she is to him, even if he were to leave her right now. i wish you the very best in life, go find a single man and deal with him..on a level playing field, right now...it's not.

Don't Be The Other Woman!

Sending hugs. Try to keep yourself busy by doing the me things such as a pedi/mani, maybe a favorite hobby, spend time with friends, etc...If you keep yourself busy before you know the week will be over. Again sending hugs.

staying cooped up in your house seems kind of depressing. is there really something wrong with grabbing a couple of girlfriends, putting on something hot and attracting some attention at one of the local bars? now would be the time to give him some space with his family. if you keep texting, it's going to get stalkeresque...

Hang in there, I know it's so hard to deal with. Listen to us as we have all had a difficult summer of family vacations. My AP came back and we are in touch and seeing each other more than ever. He will miss you as mine did me. Both of us took our dreaded family vacations and stayed in touch during. Hell, I was texting from abroad. Sometimes this bit of distance and the reality of what is missing in his marriage is what pushes him even closer to you. Like everyone else, I will say stay busy or that time will drag. Go out, take up a hobby or get together with friends. It all helps. Too bad you lost your job, I throw myself right into work when I miss him. Hugs to you and I wish you exactly what I got by the end of these trips. We work together so him taking a vacation actually allowed me to catch up on work I blow off to play grab *** with him. Find a positive in this break.

I'm so sorry - this is just the hardest situation. People will judge but anyone and everyone is capable of finding themselves in your shoes. It sucks to love somebody who you only have stolen moments with. You will survive the week but something to think about during this time is whether he is going to make a change. It is SUPER hard because he has kids - you have to respect anyone who doesn't want to break their kids heart. That said, at some point a choice has to be made. You can't live in limbo forever. I send you my heart felt empathy and hope this week is over soon.

Beauty of internet, isn't it! May God bless his family! His precious children!

:(. Big hug. I've felt that...multiple times. It hurts. But if you truly love each other, you will realize it's just another bump along the way.



Hugs to you

Hugs....do something outrageously special for yourself! I know it is so so hard

Outrageously special!!! Sounds do cool I can't imagine what though

Mine goes tonight can't stop crying. These r the times that are hard.

Big hug to us both then how long is he going for?

4days but then I go away do won't see for 10 days:((((anyway