OhMyGoodness! I've been away from here for a bit tending to other things, but today definitely merits an update! A little background for those who don't know my story, it has been one year and ten months since I saw my exAP and one year and 4 months since I walked away from our relationship. In the aftermath, I ended up with his mother living with me, and (briefly) later, his brother too. His brother stayed only a month to get on his feet. In the time since our breakup, I have moved on and recently married someone else; and my ex's mom has continued to live with us. It has been a weird situation, but she paid a small portion of rent, provided afterschool care for my children and picked up around the house, washed the dishes and taken care of the laundry for us. It hasn't always been easy to grow into and build our new family life with her there, but we've made it work. The big news though, is that she's moving out today! She did it on short notice and put us in a bind for childcare, but we handled it. My husband works closer to home, so he gets home before I do. She TEXTED me to say that she was leaving when he gets home and that she doesn't have the words to express how much she loves and appreciates us and all that we've done for her. I guess that means she's not even sticking around to tell me goodbye in person. Her son, my ex, has been messaging me more often the last couple of weeks, mostly just random light chitter chat about nothing. I wonder if he knows she's moving? She didn't bother to tell him when his brother met a girl and married her two weeks later, that job somehow fell to me. Regardless, she's leaving and we will finally get to have a normal family life. I am so excited! Since my kids go to their dad's every other weekend, hubby says hooray for the return of naked Sundays (at least every other week)...I just laugh and roll my eyes, but I get the point. :0)
dropdeadredhead dropdeadredhead
41-45, F
Aug 22, 2014