Today is my birthday and I worked like a dog, figures just my luck, no phone calls, no visits, no IM, no texts, no email from my MM. Maybe he forgot, maybe he just don't care, maybe I'm not that important to him after all. This knife in my chest is killing me slowly.
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Happy Birthday! I wish you lots of courage and always good things in life.

Happy birthday!!

yea,he could not call you and you let him know it too. Set a get to there date, give or take a night and make him stick to it.

Happy B-day!

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday! ! Hope you hear from him.

happy birthday:). ......have a blessed and fantastic

Happy birthday. The same thing happened to me on my birthday. He was signing papers for a house an spent the whole day with his W. But the next day he made it up to me.

Happy birthday!

I am sorry you feel this way on your birthday. There is no excuse for this and nor should you excuse this. Do not accept or try to make sense or excuses for **** poor behaivor. Its your birthday, a time to celebrate and do not allow ANYONE to ruin that for you.

I'm so sorry. Happy birthday! You're amazing and I hope he sends you something. Hang in there

Happy Birthday! We all hope you get to enjoy your day!!
May many smiles come your way!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It's your day and don't let any ******* ruin it for you. Have a girls night out or in its the weekend! Enjoy yourself life is too short to stress over things we cant change or the actions of others.

Happy Birthday:)

Happy Birthday, sweets. I hope you hear from him. Xoxo

Happy birthday! I'm sorry something similar happened to me

Happy Birthday!
Hopefully he'll acknowledge it before the day is up