Should we always go with our intuition? Usually mine is spot on but I can't prove anything with a gut feeling. I wasn't with him today, im usually with him everyday but today I wasn't. He very well could have been at the office but it's unlikely considering its shabbos so his day ends early. I have a gut feeling he was with the other girl he was with before me, she texts him all the time in fairly certain he still pays her rent etc. The reason this bothers me is because he claims to be monogamous as I am with him and I normally dont have reason to suspect since he's either always with me or is always texting, today he's been fairly quiet, only after I changed my profile to a pissed off meaninb picture did he try to check up. Hes knows very well if I find anything out I'm gone so hes extra careful and won't tell me if he does anything like he did in the beginning. I have been giving silent treatment all day so he knows I'm agitated. What do you ladies think go with gut and a little snooping or blame my paranoia on my period.
SweetAsSugar10 SweetAsSugar10
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

Either trust what he's saying to you, or don't and leave. Snooping is beneath a strong, sexy woman. You're above such things ;)