I am feeling feisty today! I just received an email from my MM, responding to the one I sent him 2 days ago. In it, I stated how lucky his W was that she gets to physically be near him and sleep with him all the time. The first sentence of his response was "She is very much in love with me indeed." He then stated how much he loves spending time with me and then talked about everyday things. I decided to be cheeky and sent this tongue in cheek reply:

I am very glad to hear that about her. It's not everyone who gets to say they have met their soulmate and that both people are so deeply and passionately in love with each other. You have finally found your happily ever after! :-)
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He would just tell me about how passive aggressive i sounded. :/

Sometimes i wish my MM would reply to me if I sent him saying something like u said ...
My MM would just be quite and ignore it because he thinks i'm ridiculous.
I dont know but i get mad because he wouldn't response to stuff like that when I mention about his W and how she is lucky to be with him and etc. am i really ridiculous ?


I don't know if mine will respond to it either actually. But it sure was fun sending it.

Curious to see what his response will be. Seems like his statement was incredibly insensitive. (sorry). Good for your that your feeling feisty.

He is self admittedly insensitive and besides, I know it without him confirming it. At first, it bothered me but then I saw it for what it really was. He could have said we are very much in love with each other but he didn't. Interesting to say the least.