Another day with my AP out of the office. Although I did get some work done, I totally missed him. We have a big event to work tomorrow and then my boss is gone all next week. I am so looking forward to work. AP is out in the field for a half a day Monday, but when he returns, it's on. Do any of you other ladies have an AP at work? If so, have you had any fun at work?
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My MM and I have been working as research scientists on the same project for the past 11 years. 5 years ago, I became his mistress - and found, to my surprise, that this is exactly what I want to be. Not his wife, not his girlfriend, but the "other" woman.
Over the years, things have changed - as things often do - and, these days, we find ourselves working long, hard days without much time for intimacy. We still have our "stolen moments," but they are few and far between, especially since I started moonlighting at our local university. (Professor BoudoirWhispers! Ha! =)) We also spend much of the weekend together, tending to the young and less fortunate in our community.
His wife, on the other hand, travels extensively, always in pursuit of the next party to attend, the next show to see, the next fine dining experience to enjoy. *Sigh.* How ironic that this role reversal should have happened to me, who never wanted to be anything but the mistress. It seems that I am his wife in all but name...

I never thought that being the other woman would be so much work. Isn't it the mistress who is supposed to travel, attend parties and enjoy the next fine dining experience?!

Yes I work with mine. We spend lunch together in my car. A few times we parked behind the job and had an "oral transaction"! And once we went ALL THE WAY in the back seat! Other times we wink & give each other the eye in passing. I think a few people @ our job are on to us

Yes. It is bizarre to love Mondays so much. We don't usually "mess around" at work because so risky. But sometimes....
And even without that - it is great to spend time working/talking/laughing together.
Only problem is that I don't like my job that much anymore. But can't imagine leaving him behind!