I was feeling really good after our conversation. I felt empowered. Of course, something crossed my mind today, and I'm pissed once again.

During our conversation yesterday, he asked if I was going to a certain country concert tonight. We both love country music. We actually saw one of tonight's performers together in April. That was the best night of my entire time with him. I told him I was not going because I was leaving for vacation Sunday and didn't have the time or extra money to go. He told me he was doing security for the show. He took this extra job this summer for the sole purpose of seeing country shows. We were at two others this summer although he was working and I was with a friend.

Anyway, I thought for sure being at the show for the entire night would have possibly made him want to send me a quick note or give me a quick call. Stupid me. Nothing. It really ****** me off. It was the perfect opportunity. I'm
Sorry I spoke to him yesterday. The fact that I'm worked up thinking about this is a big step back.
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Sometimes men do not think like we do. They don't use their brains most of the time.

Ha ha. I forgot about that. You're right!