As the picture shows, I hope he wakes up soon to what we have. Stop thinking that countless insignificant women are the answer, that commitment is useless. I won't be around forever.
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Beautiful x

That's why it is soooo important to know your worth.

I think it's hard to accept though that despite each of us being worthy in our own way, we may not be of any worth to certain people. Does that make then evil? Or us unworthy? Or just incompatible?
But when u believe someone is for you, when everything almost fits, knowing your self worth is paramount to ensuring you don't accept anything less.

So he is cheating on another woman with you?

He has a girlf. I'm the woman he loves tho and who loves him. He keeps everything casual but I'm his best friend too.

Maybe he's just scared or insecure thinking he can't make a relationship last

Totally is. Keeps everything casual because he's been hurt and doesn't want to hurt anyone. But he is anyway. He thinks being single forever may be best option. Yet he won't let me go.