I just did something I've never done in the past 4 months...it's a lil past midnight & he calls...and I didn't answer!! He's so used to me answering every time no matter the day or time. I need to be less available for him sometimes...
Wonder what he's thinking right now..he's super jealous...
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Have to do that once in awhile..........It's not very often for me, but, have done it. It's all about being available at anytime. He's not for me! Then I feel bad cuz I want to see/talk to him.............mixed emotions for sure

Personally i feel its a good move. Man need to be taught a lesson.. Lol.. Sometimes men need to keep them in suspense.

Feels empowering doesn't it!

Good girl! He needs to know that you have a life too, and it doesn't revolve around him.

Yay!! That's a good start!!

did for fun sake or u r planning to move out?