He Has Betrayed Everyone

I am the other woman.  We have been together 3 years.  He is 11 years younger than I.  We are both married.  My husband has no sex drive.  Same goes for his wife.  We started with "just sex" but, I fell in love.  He told me that he loved me too.  He lied to me so much.  I lost all of my self esteem.  They had a child together last year.  He played me the whole time.  Now she knows.  I spoke with her.  I didn't tell her.  He told me that he told her but, more lies.  He only told her little bits.  He told her that it has only been going on for a few months and that I was stalking him.  He told her that I am dangerous.  He told the poice that I am a threat.  He filed an injunction against me because I was crying on his voicemail.  I would never hurt anyone.  He is trying to prove to her that she means more to him than I do.  He has thown me under the bus.  I am devestated.  When I last spoke to him he said "I hate you" "I cannot talk to you, for now".  for now!!!!  He is still playing his games.  I cannot defend myself.  The judge saw this, she said no contact with him for 3 months.  So, he will lie about me to all that will listen and I cannot do a damn thing.  Someone please explain this to my heart.  Help me understand how someone can tell you that they love you one day and then do this the next.  I loved this man so much.  I cannot trust my own thoughts.  I am not suicidal I just am in disbelief.  Is the glass half empty?  half full? or is there a glass there at all?

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3 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I'm so sorry to read about your problem. My heart really does go out to you. This man doesn't deserve you're tears. I agree with all the other comments, this three months is going to be good for you. It'll help you move on, I know that sounds tough now, but you will get through this you just have to believe that. He sounds like a very immature man to me, he's only trying to cover his a** by making you out to be the 'bad person'. He is a coward and not a man at all. Please be strong and hold your head high. You are better than this.

I agree with everything that's been said - we can't help who or when we fall for someone esp if we're being ignored and literally dying for affection. <br />
<br />
However this man is taking the biscuit - cut your losses! He has dissed you in the most public way, he doesn't want to be with you.<br />
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Just out of interest, what does your husband say about this? Or have you managed to hide it from him?

The best revenge is living well. The judge gave you a gift with those 3 months. Use them!! Get on with your life. He was a rat b*****d remember that and move on!