This is interesting to me. He is working this weekend again. He said good night last night via chat. Was too tired to chat because it was a "long day". Mainly 3 sentences back and fourth. This morning he chats. Wife is taking nieces to amusement park today. Went into details of what time she is coming home, etc. Kinda hinted at me making his favorite food today. I know whats going on in his mind even though he didnt ask yet. A quickie after work. (my H is away for the weekend). Nope Im not going to do it. When finished he will be pushing me out the door because hes nervous about the w coming. Been there done that and not going to do it again. Made me feel so hurt and so cheap. Really not even interested in seeing him today anyway. Kinda just feeling But thats good too perhaps I am getting a little detached.
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Good girl. Don't do it. Go out today and do something for yourself. Shop. Mani/pedi. Anything. Make the day about you. Don't even answer him today.