First night with him. Got a hotel and I couldn't be excited and nervous at the same time. I guess a part of me is so scared of getting caught but my want of him is just too strong ...
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I am actually out of town for work next week and told him where I was.........he is going to New Jersey for 2 weeks.........cannot win.........

I was lucky enough to actually spent the entire night with my MM recently. Enjoy it, dont forget to stay in the moment. Please dont let one night change your expectations, that will cause you disappointment

Try and enjoy the anticipation. I am nervous and we are not even spending the night together. Just rare to see him on a weekend. But that feeling is part of the intensity.

Have fun.i still get nervous when we spend the night together.think it's the anticipation😉enjoy x

How long have u been seeing each other? Is it first night sexually too if u don't mind me asking?!
I remember our first meet, few months ago, most nerve wracking amazing experience ever!!! I was a bit drunk by time he got to hotel as I was so nervous, we were both shaking, loved every minute. Enjoy :)