Ok so couple of days I had asked for help concerning my birthday. I was a little uncomfortable about picking out a gift; really more concerned with the price range even though money isnt an issue for my BF. I got a lot of helpful response. So thank you! (Hugs)

Here's the scoop. I literally I just got in and have a moment to really give an update. I've been popping on and off this forum today reading some of the other ladies experiences while my BF and his daughter test drive cars. Wow a lot of NC being initiated. STAY STRONG LADIES. Anyway his daughter and I share the same birthday which is tomorrow. How cool is that?! She's hoping to get a new car for her birthday but she's kinda picky and is still torn on what to get so he just may need to break down and just surprise her.

Its been 2 days of blissfulness. We had a wonderful time last night. We went to a friends dinner party. Had lobster on the grill some wine awesome boat ride and ended my night on my deck drinking wine watching the stars and making love. Of course he told me to be ready for today and my birthday.

This morning we met for breakfast and then stopped at several stores. Got some new kitchenware a comforter set with curtains for my bedroom new bathroom and a couple of skirt outfits and dresses. He made it very clear these were not my birthday gifts. He was just getting me started for tomorrow. So after some much need retail therapy courtesy of my BF we had lunch and have been car hunting with his daughter. Whewww. ..a lot went on today.

We are supposed to met up again in about 2 hours. The plan is to have dinner and see his friend play at a blues club tonight. Then end our night on his boat.

Now I just got a text saying we have to be back at his house by 5 tomorrow for a big surprise. Can't imagine what it is. I'm horrible with being patient so I'm gonna be trying to get him to spill the beans all night tonight. ;)
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Update...he got his daughter a new car. She doesn't know it yet.

So excited for you. Let him surprise you;) It will be well worth it. Let us know how it goes.

I'm try too. So I'm doing my best not to ask for hints. But he says..I am gonna really like it.


I'm excited too. Can't wait till tomorrow but I'm acting all nonchalant when I'm really screaming inside. He knows me sooo well he keeps nudging and dangling the word surprise and calling me B-day girl to get a reaction. He keeps saying "I know its killing you".

LOL!!! Awwww I love this!!!

Sooooo sweet!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Im so excited for you! Big gifts are always exciting I love birthdays and anniversaries because I dont feel so bad for accepting the really expensive things. I wish my birthday would hurry up and come still 3 months away