O.k. so I have a question. I know we love each other, I know we deeply care about each other. We have our long history. But many times when we are texting and I say things like I miss him or I can't wait to see him again his replies are....Same here or Me too or my least favorite...Ditto. Is this just a guy thing? Or do you think that by saying them back to me it would make him feel more guilty about what he is doing so if he just says general replies it's not going that deep? It would just be nice sometimes to hear the words back instead of the replies I do get.
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4 Responses Aug 23, 2014

In my opinion, you're over thinking it. Mine does the same damn thing. All the time.

I don't think that's a guy thing. Sounds like a cya move cover your a**. You know just in case the W finds out then he can say he never said I love you or I miss you. Just saying.

I rarely type out I miss you too or I can't wait to see you too but it doesn't mean I don't miss him like crazy or that I can't wait to see him. It just takes less time to say me too.

I'm guilty of saying me too a lot in response to him saying I miss you or I want you. I don't mean it any less.