earlier I think i passed THEM in traffic. We were at the intersection going in opposite directions. SHE was driving. I almost positive that was him because he keeps an artificial rose in the back window. He was in the passenger seat with the seat laid all the way back. When the light turn green & we passed each other he was looking the other way. I'm almost positive he saw me, you don't see the model &color of my car a lot in this town that's why he laid the seat back.
From what I could see she wasn't very attractive either. Not well put together like me at all
I wonder why he felt the need to hide...wasn't like I was gonna make a U-turn & follow them
And I still haven't heard from him...makes it even more akward
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Well you got your answer as to WHY he hadn't called. He's playing husband. :/

so true

Yeah you're right

I would hate if I saw them together...........

Me too. I've managed to avoid it so far.