whats the best way to drop a connection?
i'm having the courage to let go this now, i've said many times on I wanted to break away, for the hurt i've been experiencing is a toll on my overall well being. He don't seem to be willing to leave, or having the courage to break off with his suicidal girlfriend, while all i'm getting are sugar coated sweet words. oh boy, i wasnt born yesterday. its been mentally emotionally and psychologically draining and destroying, the last time we spoke left me being condemned that i met someone else and have changed.

i have been ignoring his texts for days now, not even read them. will it work if I continue doing this? I'd rather leave him wondering whats happening to me than having quarreled and i eventually gave in to the urge of contacting him myself.

what are some of your experiences to drop it?
thanks ladies.
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2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

You need to tell him to stop contacting you. You are not his concern any longer. Then if he continues block him. Delete his info, pictures and text. It's going to be tough but you deserve to be someone's first choice, not runner up. Good luck

Sigh so I really gonna put my intentions out there clearly. He said he wants nothing if we were to break off, not even friends. Means no how are you texts, birthday wishes... Nothing. I gonna be get used to his absence, but honestly for the last 3 days of ignoring him makes me feel so good. I felt I was on cloud nine, I tasted freedom as he was also manipulative. But its time for me to stand up for myself and deserve a 100% attention. Thanks so much for your comment :) x

The fights just take.a toll mentally...you have too make choices ...live with it because it's not changing or go find out who you are for a while.

i tried living with it.. for more than a year. shifted my focus to something else and it just comes back being more self destructive. so its not going anywhere. he does not accept friendships if we're over, i got tired of explaining. he merely wants me to keep holding on.. while he does nothing. so i gonna be of the latter.. and break away